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Get Your Deposit Back with This Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

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If you’re planning to move out soon, it’s essential to make sure you clean your old apartment properly. It’s important to take the time to do the cleaning to ensure you get your security deposit back and to avoid any surprise fees. This guide will give you all the details you need to know to clean effectively and get your security deposit back. Let’s get started.

1. Remove Nails and Hooks from the Walls

To leave the walls of your old residence in good condition, you need to take out all the nails, hooks, and other fixtures that you used to decorate the walls. Additionally, you should fill in any holes made when installing fixtures or using a drill. Once all the holes have been filled, you should repair any damage to the walls and touch up any paint.

2. Repaint

If you have changed the colors of the walls in your rental to suit your own style, you need to bring them back to their original state before you move out. This is usually a requirement in the lease agreement to ensure you get your security deposit back. If your landlord agrees to keep the colors you have chosen, make sure you have that in writing. If you cannot figure out the original paint shade after patching, take a sample to a paint store and have them make a custom match.

3. Wipe Windows and Mirrors

Remove any dust or dirt from the blinds and window sills to make windows and mirrors look their best. Then, use a damp cloth and newspaper to clean the glass, paying special attention to the edges. Once the windows and mirrors are sparkling, you’ll be amazed at how different the room looks!

4. Empty the Cupboards and Cabinets

Remove everything from the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and closets, and clean them thoroughly. Clean up any crumbs or gunk present, and then wipe down the surfaces. Take out any pest bait, sticky traps, or air fresheners that you find. If you have cabinet liners looking worn, throw them out and replace them with new ones. This will make the cabinets look better and give the next tenant a nice, clean start.

5. Deep Clean the Sink, Toilet, Tub, and Shower 

Give your bathroom a thorough cleanse by scrubbing the showers, tubs, and sinks until they are gleaming. Don’t forget to deep clean the grout, drains, and faucets. Also, give your toilet a good scrub, lift the lid, and clean the outside.

6. Make Your Appliances Look New

If you want your appliances to look like new, you’ll have to put in some effort. Start by removing all the items from your refrigerator, then wipe down the shelves and interior with a damp cloth. For your stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and other appliances, use a non-abrasive cleaning product and scrub them down until they look their best. With some elbow grease and time, your appliances will look like they just came out of the store.

7. Dust and Clean Baseboards

Using a wet rag or duster, wipe down all the baseboards and trim to give them a clean look. You don’t need intense scrubbing, just use a flexible dust mop and move it along the baseboard to eliminate dust and dirt. This will make a big difference to the overall appearance.


Utilizing a move-out cleaning checklist can help tenants get their deposits back. It is important to take a thorough inventory of the property before moving out and complete a thorough cleaning of the space. By following the steps outlined in this checklist, you can ensure that they leave the property in the condition that it was received, thus ensuring that their deposit is returned in full.

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