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8 Things to Do before Hiring Move-Out Cleaning Services

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Leaving a clean space is essential after you move out because it shows respect to the next homeowner. However, it’s better to let professional move-out cleaning services handle the dirty work because they have more skills and the correct tools to ensure you’ll leave a sparkly clean home. 

It can be puzzling to do it, especially if you haven’t hired professional cleaners yet. 

We put together eight things you must do before hiring move-out cleaning services. 

1. Ask Yourself Why You’re Hiring Move-Out Cleaning Services

Several people underestimate what professional move-out cleaning services can do before relocating.

They can help you save more time and energy you’ll later need for the unpacking process. Professional cleaners can also reduce the stress levels related to the big move because they can handle all the dirty work. 

A cleaned home will help you close more deals if you sell the property. Everybody loves a sparkly clean space! 

Professional move-out cleaning services can also help you get your deposit back and please your landlord.

2. Do Your Research

Hiring the best move-out cleaning services can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. Sadly, prices don’t usually help because the costly services don’t usually deliver the best results. 

Research your local companies that provide the relevant services. Visit their websites, check the reviews, and ask your loved ones to get your top two or three picks.

3. Ask for Precise Estimates

After finding your best picks, ensure that you get estimates from each of them. Knowing the service costs is crucial because it can affect your moving budget. 

Request for an estimate and how they calculate their fees. However, simply calculating the time or money isn’t always enough. You must also ask about their services and what they cover. Some move-out cleaning companies won’t clean certain areas or tasks at home, so you should clear that out too. 

You should also discuss any special services you need and what areas they should skip. Lastly, ask about additional fees and special conditions that might affect the final bill. 

4. Prepare the Supplies If Needed

Another thing to do before hiring move-out cleaning services is to prepare the essential cleaning supplies. However, some companies bring their tools and supplies. 

Ask them about this detail and prepare everything they need if it’s your part of the job.

5. Declutter the Area

Next, you must declutter the area so cleaners can easily access your home. 

Decluttering is critical before hiring move-out cleaning services and a crucial part of the packing process, particularly if you’re downsizing your property. After clearing the junk, you can easily pack the remaining essentials. 

Decluttering also reduces moving costs and ensures faster packing and more thorough cleaning. 

6. Secure Your Belongings

You should also pack your belongings before the move-out cleaning services arrive, regardless if they will go directly to your new home or prepare them for safekeeping. 

You should also safely pack and store fragile items, such as antiques, artworks, and musical instruments. 

7. Keep Your Pets Out

Moving day can also be stressful for your furry friends because they usually don’t like strangers entering their homes and touching or removing things. 

Keep them out of your home when the move-out cleaning service arrives and the movers come to take out the moving boxes. It also keeps your pet safe and serves as an excellent house etiquette.

8. Be Realistic

Lastly, you must be realistic with your expectations before hiring move-out cleaning services because there are differences between deep cleaning and general cleaning services. 

Communicate with the company if you need them to clean something out of their selected services. 

We also suggest tipping them to thank them for their hard work!

Leaving Clean Tracks

Moving day can be a stressful milestone for homeowners and pets. Nobody would want to leave or enter a dirty home. Following these eight steps before hiring move-out cleaning services can reduce stress and help you focus more on moving out. 

Rocky Maids offers excellent move-out cleaning services in the Denver Metro Area. Book us now or get a quote! 

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