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Getting Regular House Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

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Deep cleaning is a more thorough home cleaning than regular cleaning. While regular cleaning focuses on the surface of your home, a deep clean goes deeper, focusing on hard-to-reach places and more detailed cleaning. This cleaning often requires more time, attention, and products than regular cleaning. It’s also a great way to prepare your home for a special occasion or a change in season. Deep cleaning is a great way to ensure your home is truly clean and ready for whatever comes next.

What Regular Cleaning Covers

A cleaning service will come to your home regularly to maintain basic cleanliness. This includes dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing surfaces, and emptying the garbage. This service is usually provided weekly and is more affordable than a deep clean. It is designed to keep your home tidy and free of dirt.

What Deep Cleaning Covers

Deep cleaning is a more thorough cleaning service than the standard approach. It goes beyond tidying up and wiping down surfaces to sanitizing and disinfecting areas throughout your home. This helps eliminate germs that can lead to illnesses and makes your home look, smell, and feel much cleaner. It usually takes longer than regular house cleaning, as it involves more detailed work. Deep cleaning of your house can help make it a healthier and more pleasant environment for your family.

3 Areas That Need Cleaning Often

  • Bathroom

A deep cleaning service for your bathroom is more thorough than a regular cleaning service. It involves scrubbing and disinfecting all of the surfaces and fixtures. This includes more specific tasks such as scrubbing grout, cleaning baseboards and door frames, and disinfecting knobs. It also includes deep-cleaning fixtures like shower doors, curtains, and crevices. This type of cleaning service leaves your bathroom sparkling and free of germs.

  • Kitchen

A deep kitchen cleaning involves a more thorough cleaning than a typical weekly cleaning. It includes wiping down all surfaces, cleaning under and behind appliances, cleaning inside appliances, cleaning and disinfecting small kitchen appliances, cleaning and organizing inside cabinets and drawers, cleaning refrigerator coils, cleaning grout lines, and disinfecting knobs and switches. This type of cleaning helps to make sure all grease and food remnants are removed from the kitchen.

  • General Areas

A normal cleaning includes tidying up general spaces, such as putting things in their proper place, mopping floors, and wiping down surfaces. Deep cleaning services, however, involve more detailed and thorough cleaning, such as dusting individual decorations, cleaning blinds and baseboards, sanitizing trash cans, and even polishing furniture. Regular weekly cleaning makes it possible to maintain these general spaces without getting as messy as quickly as areas containing food or water, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

When to Get Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning isn’t necessary regularly. You usually get something done for a precise reason at specific times. A deep home clean could be beneficial when you move in, move out, use a service, host a party or event, or do spring cleaning. This service gives you a fresh start in a new home, allows the new owners to have a clean beginning, or helps maintain a cleanliness level that your cleaning service will maintain. It also ensures that any close inspection of your baseboards or appliances won’t reveal any grease or grime. A deep clean is a perfect way to give your space an extra-clean feeling as you do your spring cleaning.


Getting a regular house cleaning or a deep cleaning depends on individual preferences. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Regular house cleaning can be done on your own with the help of some cleaning supplies and will help keep your home clean and tidy. Deep cleaning requires professional help and can be expensive, but it can help restore a house’s original condition. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide the best option for them.

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