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5 Telltale Signs Your House Urgently Needs Deep Cleaning

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Aside from aesthetics and function, a home’s cleanliness should also be a top priority, so your home is a true haven for your family. After all, a clean home is a healthy home. 

As such, frequent deep cleaning of your home is crucial for your health and your entire family. Routine deep cleaning helps keep dust, filth, allergies, and germs at bay.

When do you know if it’s time for a deep clean in your home? Here are five telltale signs your house urgently needs deep cleaning:

1. Visible Garbage, Clutter, and Filth

When your home is overrun by garbage and filth, it’s more than high time to get cleaning. You can start by removing all garbage and clutter that can cause disease or allergies in the home. 

Moreover, prioritize cleaning up your kitchen and dining area, which are the busiest areas of any home. Wash the dishes, wipe the tables, and don’t forget to sanitize all surfaces. You also need to clean, degrease, and sanitize all cooking appliances.

Another indicator is dust accumulation around furniture, window sills, or appliances. Start with the bedrooms and bathrooms before proceeding to other common areas in your home. Change the curtains and sheets, and vacuum your mattresses, couch, and other furniture. 

If you don’t have the needed energy or time to clean yourself, you can always get a deep cleaning service to lighten your load and keep your home clean and safe.

2. There’s a Musty Odor after Being Away for a While

If you’ve been away for some time and returned home to a musty stench, it’s time for a good clean. A musty odor indicates mold or mildew is growing in your clothes, beddings, kitchen, bathroom, and the like. 

Thankfully, mildew can be prevented with a deep clean, periodic dusting and airing out your home regularly. To avoid mildew, remove dry, crumpled newspapers, magazines, and other papers from home, and damp-mop the floors daily. 

3. You’re at Risk of Getting Sick

You may need to deep clean your home if you find yourself sneezing, coughing, and exhibiting other similar symptoms. You’ll also have to get HVAC expert cleaners too. Dusty HVAC systems are often the triggers of respiratory allergies at home. 

A deep clean is a good idea if your home has been flooded or exposed to mold. Mold and mildew can trigger several allergic reactions and breathing problems, especially in people with asthma.

4. Your Furniture or Flooring Is Worn Out

If your furniture is worn out and your floor has many dents, this is a sign that it’s time for a deep clean.

Maintaining your home’s furniture and flooring helps you avoid the cost of purchasing new furniture. So scheduling a periodic deep clean in your home actually saves you money in the long run.

5. You Have Children or Pets

If you have children and pets, your house is bound to get dirty and cluttered, even if you manage to clean up daily. To stay on top of the mess, it’s best to make cleaning a family affair. 

Train them to clean as they go. It will not be overnight, but the more you teach your children, the more they’ll pick up clean habits as they grow up. 

Do not forget to house train your pets as well. You cannot let your pets run amok in your home because their feces, urine, and fur can make you or your family sick.

Cleaning your home regularly helps you keep your home a sanctuary for your children and a space where you can build memories together without the burden or stress of an unkempt home. 


A clean home and a clean body both start with a healthy lifestyle. Going the extra mile for a deep clean of your home is an excellent start on your new healthy path.

If you have observed any telltale signs in your home, it’s time to call a professional home cleaning service to deep clean your house. Aside from deep cleaning your home, they could sanitize all spaces in your home, ensuring top-quality thorough cleaning you and your family deserve.

If you need a deep cleaning service in Denver, Rocky Maids Cleaning Services has a longstanding legacy of reliable and quality service. We’re devoted to providing top-quality and comprehensive household services. You can trust that all our cleaners are background-checked and properly trained, so only the best cleaning professionals visit your house. Book our services now!

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