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Terms & Conditions

Cleaning Supplies: We bring all the cleaning supplies


Arrival Window: We ask that you please allow us a 1-hour arrival window from the time you choose.


For example, if you choose 10:00 am, your start time is between 10 am – 11am. Please make sure you are looking out for us around your start time.


You should prepare for your cleaning by having your home de-cluttered before your team’s arrival. If our cleaning professionals have to help organize and clear areas before cleaning you will be charged for the extra time involved and in certain circumstances, you may be refused service, and incur a $100 fee. A general rule of thumb is it should take no more than 2 minutes for our cleaning professionals to de-clutter a room before beginning cleaning.


Waiver of expertise: We are not tile, grout, carpet, stone, flooring, caulking, sealing, paint, plumbing, metal, electrical, or upholstery experts. Our professionals are trained to clean and sanitize. While our professionals are trained in methods of cleaning a variety of common household surfaces, our professionals do not treat or restore damaged materials and surfaces. If you need a specialist, we are always happy to recommend one.


Cancellations: Our cancellation policy is if our cleaning professionals are unable to access the property and if we can not reach you. 


All apppointments are subject to 25% fee if:

– They are rescheduled less than 48h  prior to the appointment.

– They are cancelled less than 48h prior to the appointment. Please be sure to provide entry instructions if you will not be home. We reserve the right to charge our standard cancellation fee for any and all lock-outs. This also applies if our cleaning team arrives for a Move Out/In Cleaning and your home is not completely empty and prepared for your cleaning.


We reserve the right to refuse you service if we encounter anything that may endanger our cleaning professionals. This includes but is not limited to: mold, hoarding, abnormal buildup, etc.


Cleaning Supplies / Equipment:

Rocky Maids provides products and nearly all equipment required for cleaning your home. It is required that your home has running water and working electric outlets. We reserve the right to charge our cancellation fee if we are not provided with running water or electricity. Our cleaning professionals are not allowed to climb ladders or be on stools of any sort. If you would prefer us to use your personal cleaning products or equipment such as a vacuum or mop, please leave it out and include this request in your special account instructions. We are not responsible for ANY damage caused by cleaning products provided by the customer. 


Cleaning Guarantee:

Our work is done to demanding specifications and we will provide a 24-hour guarantee. This guarantee covers any work under Maintenance Housekeeping for ongoing service OR under Full-Service Housekeeping on an initial or move out service. It is your responsibility to notify us of any problem within this time period; a phone call or email is best. We will come back to your house for an inspection if agreed upon and correct the problem as soon as our schedule permits it. We will make every effort to be reasonable in unfortunate situations, but your house will not be re-cleaned if there is evidence of family members, guests, faulty/unmaintained equipment, break-ins, contractors, pets, acts of god, or any other unreasonable/unexpected factors have resulted in the dirtying of areas recently cleaned by our cleaning professionals.



Booking a service online DOES NOT guarantee you a spot for that date/time. Your booking is not confirmed until you have received an official confirmation email. Days and availability can be subject to change due to unfortunate circumstances. We will resolve these issues ASAP.


Cleaner safety:

Rocky Maids reserves the right to remove its cleaners from your home should the environment become unsafe, our cancellation policy will apply.


Pets And Pet Fee:

We will gladly work around pets. If your pet becomes anxious or presents a safety concern, Rocky Maids reserves the right to remove its cleaners from your home. If a cleaner leaves your home prior to completion, Rocky Maids will charge you a prorated expense based on work performed. If removal of our cleaning professional is due to aggressive pets, our cancellation policy will apply.


Our pet fee will be added to appointments which have a one or more pets which are not disclosed beforehand. This DOES include move-in/move-out cleanings.


Right to Refuse Service:

Cleaning cleaning professionals have the choice to leave upon arrival if the home is in extreme condition which includes but is not limited to the presence of mold, insects, pungent odor, infection, rotting, infestation, rodents, urine or feces. This policy also applies to our cleaning professionals feeling unsafe/threatened. If you book a cleaning online for a property that is not in reasonable condition, such as requiring a cleaning up after a large party, hoarding, or extreme neglect, the cleaners may refuse service immediately at-will and you will be charged $100.



We require all non-decorative items to be picked up off of the floor. Our rule of thumb is that the cleaners have 120 seconds to organize in each room or they are to pile any and all clutter in one area and clean around it. Otherwise, the price can and will be adjusted at our hourly rate to accommodate for the extra time required in organizing items before cleaning can begin.



We offer an add-on to clean the inside of your oven. Rocky Maids  will clean the inside of your oven manually, however, we will not under any circumstances run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven. If you would like the self-cleaning cycle run, then you may run it with enough time that it is finished before we arrive and we can then clean out the residue during your appointment.


Large and Heavy items:

For safety and liability reasons, Rocky Maids  will not allow its Cleaning Professionals to lift or move heavy items or furniture weighing over 10 pounds. Please pull out appliances and move any furniture PRIOR to the cleaning appointment.


Parking: We charge a $10 parking fee for homes where a free parking spot cannot be provided. Any parking fee will get added to your bill.


Keys: We will not hold on to client’s keys. If you would like to provide us access to enter your property please install a keypad lockbox on your property. 

Move In/Move Out Cleanings: 

*Property must be empty. We do not remove any belongings, Items or trash. If the cleaning team arrives and the home is not completely empty the Customer will be charged a Cancellation Fee.


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Are you in the Denver Greater Area looking for a trustworthy cleaning service provider? Rocky Maids Cleaning Services  in the Denver Greater Area is here for you! We know that a cleaning company is as good as their cleaners, that’s why we only hire the best cleaning technicians. Also, we only use products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. And being a locally-owned business, we proud ourselves in the service we give Rocky Maids Cleaning Services because we believe in giving back to our community.