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The Vital Areas to Look Out for during Your Move-Out Cleaning


Move-out cleaning can be daunting, but it’s important to ensure your old place is clean before you leave. That said, here are the vital areas to look out for before and during your move.

1. The Air Vents

If you have central air conditioning and heating in your apartment building, you will need to clean the vent covers in your apartment. Not cleaning them could result in the growth of airborne contaminants like mold and bacteria, which could lead to the development of asthma and allergies.

You will want to clean all the vent caps at once, and you may need to turn off your air conditioner while doing so. If the vent caps are in bad shape, you may want to wear a baseball cap to keep the dust out of your hair.

To avoid leaving streaks on your walls, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment or a microfiber rag to remove the top layer of dust. Do not use water or cleaning products during this step.

We know we should clean our vent covers, but sometimes we forget or just don’t get around to it. To clean the vent covers, you will need to unscrew the screws on each corner of the cover. Some covers may also slide or pop off.

To clean your bottle caps, start by filling your sink or tub with warm water and adding a few tablespoons of washing detergent. Then, let the caps soak in the water for 15-20 minutes. After that, use a soft-bristle brush to scrub the underside of the caps. The dirt should come right off. Once you’re done, let the caps air dry before putting them back in.

2. The Floors, Baseboards, Crown Moldings

You should make sure to clean the entire floor space in your apartment, including the corners where furniture might have been. These areas can build up a lot of dirt over time. In addition to the floors, you should also clean the baseboards and crown moldings.

Crown moldings are the decorative trim pieces that are installed where the walls meet the ceiling. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal, and come in a wide range of styles to match the décor of any room. Be sure to clean them as well to prevent the accumulation of dust.

3. The Upper Areas

It’s important to clean the tops of door frames, doors, cabinets, and fridges when moving out. An extendable duster or clean rag and step stool will make the job easier.

Extendable dusters are awesome because they allow you to clean hard-to-reach places without having to get dangerously close. A duster specifically designed for cleaning fan blades is shaped like a ring with bristles on the entire outer surface. This type of duster is able to clean the top and bottom of a fan blade at the same time.

That said, simply extend the duster to the desired length, give the fan blades a few swipes, and voila! You’re done.

4. The Vacant Spaces

Move-out cleanings are generally more expensive because there is more to clean. When you move out of an apartment, all the surfaces previously hidden by furniture are now exposed and need to be cleaned. This generally takes more time and effort than a regular cleaning, hence the higher price.

This means that a lot of dirt and grime has built up, and it will take more effort to clean it. You might need to use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt that has settled into the bottom of the carpet. To clean hardwood floors, you’ll need to scrub them with soapy water using two mops—one for wet mopping and one for drying.

5. The Windows

Your former landlord will likely inspect the area around your windows when you move out. Make sure to clean this area thoroughly, including the top of the frames.

First, wet your rag in a bucket of soapy water to clean the window well. Then, wipe down the window’s inside well, ensuring all the dirt and grime. Finally, rinse your rag and repeat the process if necessary.


Indeed, moving out is a daunting task. It can be especially difficult if you do not have the time or resources to do a proper job. By following the tips in this article, you can make the process a little less stressful. Be sure to also clean the floors, windows, and surfaces, and take the time to de-clutter your space.

By doing all of these things, you can ensure that you leave your home in good condition and that you have a smooth transition to your new home.

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